Thermal Imaging

Services for security, industrial, agricultural and law enforcement

We offer "State of the Smart" aerial technology thermal imaging for security, agriculture, industrial applications and for law enforcement.

We are FAA Licensed and have multi-million doll;ar liability insurance that can be supplemented to any client's needs.

The thermal camera measures the infrared energy of objects differentiating between temperatures. The included low light camera is 20x more sensitive than the human eye providing superior low light photography and video.

Our thermal imaging provides simultaneous low light and thermal imaging, which can be superimposed.

Our aerial platforms operate indoors or outdoors.


  - Exothermal imaging and low light camera 1080p combined and receivable (picture-in-picture or superimposed)

  - Temperature measurement and display.

  - Multiple color spectra offers users selectable visualization of heat sources.

  - Adjustable temperature detection scale for specific ranges.

  - Gimbal mounted IR for smooth detection display.

  - Large RGB sensor "sees" better detail in the dark than the human eye.

  - HD and infrared simultaneous recording.

  - Remote camera settings.

  - 3 Axis Gimbal.

  - 360 degree unlimited gimbal rotation.

  - Team mode capability. (Pilot and camera operator)

  - Low distortion lens.

Here's a video that demonstrates how effective our

Yuneec Typhoon H Professional with CGO-ET thermal Imaging Lens is.

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thermal imaging for security, industrial & law enforcement using drones.   We are an Authorized Matterport Virtual Tour Service Provider and Matterport Service Partner

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