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Brookfield Photographer, located in Fairfield County, Connecticut,  is a  disabled war veteran-owned small-business enterprise that specializes in studio quality video and still photography using "state of the smart" aerial platforms, sometimes referred to as "drones", the latest version of the 3D 360 degree Matterport Panorama Camera "Pro2", and super high resolution still cameras.  I have (much) more than 20 years experience in aviation and photography. 

Look at my reviews page (you can go to the menu or click here) and see that I am much more than "just" a Photographer.

One photographer's work is not the same as another and one camera, lens system and editing tools are not the same as another.  My 3D Matterport Interactive Virtual Tours are produced on Matterport's latest Pro2 system with 4 times the resolution of any previous Matterport system.  The Pro2 is Ultra HD.  For conventional imagery I use the latest professional level of SONY's A7RIV and a6400 series with SONY's High Resolution Sensor and SONY's Professional G Series lenses.  I use the latest versions of the entire Adobe Suite as well as the latest versions of other top imagery software. Photography is not (yet) a commodity.  I am told by my Clients that the quality of my work stands well above that of others.  I can produce an image with up to 108 megapixels.  See my reviews by clicking here.

I do not "contract-out" editing or other work. Surely, if I did,  I would get more work done and be able to take on more assignments...but at a sacrifice of quality control.  I want to take personal responsibility of everything from booking to delivery to maintaining my Client Relationships.


I am the Art of the Possible.

I (and my drones) are registered with the Federal Aviation Administration ("FAA") and I have $2.5 Million dollars in Liability Insurance through Verifly.  You can review a copy of a Verifly Policy issued to us by clicking the Red and White Adobe Acrobat PDF below.  Limits can be from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.  The policy is non-cancel-able, is "on-demand" and covers specific locations during a predetermined period of time.

My video quality is Ultra HD, up to 8K and with up to 120 frames-per-second.  My still photography is up to 108 megapixels. 

My work includes experienced post-production processing, including Virtual Staging and 3D Matterport Interactive Virtual Tours. meeting the most exacting standards.  The Matterport Interactive Virtual Tours include still images and 3D and 2D floor plans.

I have experience as a Real Estate Photographer, Videographer, Sports Photographer, High-End Wedding Photographer, Special Event Photographer and assist in search and rescue.  I can operate indoors in close confines and outdoors as well. 360 Matterport Panorama Photography is now available. Floor plans are available as part of our packages and 2D and 3D floor plans are provided without extra charge on our Matterport Interactive Virtual Tours.

When I perform external photography of real estate in the Fall or Winter, I provide a free re-shoot in the Spring for Clients that maintain me as their "go-to" photographer.

My "air force" of more than 7 specialized fixed-wing and multi-rotor "drones" include Thermal Imaging video platforms for security, industrial, law enforcement, search and rescue, mapping and agriculture.

I presently serve the New York City - Westchester areas as well as all of Connecticut.

In Connecticut, with your consent, I can post still images, 3D Matterport Interactive Virtual Tours and video directly to the Combined SmartMLS.

I am a Matterport Authorized Service Partner.  I am a Zillow Certified Photographer and a Google Maps/Earth Certified Photographer and "Expert Guide".  I post to Zillow directly.  As such my 3D Matterport Interactive Virtual Tours are integrated directly into Google Street View, Google Earth and Google Maps, giving my Clients substantial additional search engine visibility.  As of January 2020, Google sent me an email that said that my images have over one million, two hundred thousand views.  This grants me even higher search results for my imagery.  I.e I get exposure (pun intended).

My 3D Interactive Virtual Tours are "Powered by Matterport", QooCam 8K and Theta Z1

Brookfield Photographer is a member of the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce. I (Sandy Schupper, Owner) is a Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans ("DAV"), American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars ("VFW").  I served in Vietnam and was awarded the Bronze Star.

I take great pride in my work...I am "old school" with my work ethic but "State of the Smart" with my technology.

I am Certified as "Veterans First" in US Government Business. There are tough eligibility standards and tough on-going performance standards.


Please support this program


This certification is issued by DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Center for Verification and Evaluation Washington DC 20420


Only those so-certified may use and/or display this seal.


I am Zillow's Certified Photographer in Connecticut.  I offer Zillow Walk-Through Video and 360 Virtual Tours, published directly to Zillow, to Realtors.  Check my availability and book by clicking here.


Check out my Client Reviews by clicking here

Why hire a Professional Photographer?  Click here to see why.

Click here to View our Agreement as to Terms of Business

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:30 to 6:00
Friday 8:30 to 2:00

Saturday 2:00 to 6:00
Sunday  10:00 to 6:00

other times on request

I as a Zillow Certified Photographer, producing video walk throughs
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