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for a limited time we're providing a free 2 minute video walk-through as part of the Zillow Certified Photographer Program.


The purpose of the video walk-through is to show the flow of the property. 


We do the posting to Zillow for you after you and/or the Client approves it. 

It's posted within minutes after it's approved by you.

Facts about the benefits of the walk through video:


  • Zillow videos are sorted to the top of the search 


  • An email notification is sent out to home buyers alerting them that a listing in their search criteria has a video


  • Only 2% of listings on Zillow have video content


  • Zillow listings with video receive 2x as many page views and page saves

The postings on Zillow do not have an audio track

my thanks to Massino Forchino for the model and space

Zillow video walk through

Zillow video walk through

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