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Bookings are not confirmed or held until paid.

Since your payment confirms the time and date slot in my availability,  payments for bookings are not refundable and cancellations are applied as a credit to your account for future use.

pricing and offers are subject to change without notice.  This web site always reflects current pricing and offers.

check the weather below for your Brookfield Photographer photography session

 and please read the section on site preparation

Please remember the importance of proper lighting and weather conditions when shooting outdoors.  Early morning and later afternoon shoots usually contain undesirable long shadows and one side of the properly bathed in light while the other side is deep in shadow. Even in certain indoor shoots where early morning or late afternoon shoots might overwhelm east or west facing windows making the perfect shot less likely. Overcast and cloudy days are good for photography as I "control" the way the sky looks and brightness of the scene. I like the fact that on overcast and on cloudy days, shadows are minimized.

That all said, and for optimal imagery, consider this and book your shoot between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. (Spring and Summer)  and 11:00 a.m. and noon. (Fall and Winter) if these lighting factors apply to your location

If you are scheduling  a Zillow two minute Video Walk-Through, plan for an hour on-site and weather is irrelevant during daylight hours.  Matterport Interactive Virtual Tours take about 15 to 20 minutes per room, or about an hour per 1,000 square feet, depending on the size of each room and clutter.

Before any shoot, interior and/or exterior, preparation of the site is essential. The interior must be spotless, all light bulbs checked and replaced  as necessary before I arrive.  Click the button below this section  to download my pre-shoot checklist and share it with the homeowner and/or property manager.

In order to achieve optimal results, the location must be meticulous and scrubbed with no personal items, pet items etc. visible.  With interior photography, wood floors should be shining, carpets should be freshly vacuumed with no spots or stains showing. Blinds and shades should be level, all lights should be on, burned-out bulbs replaced.  Close the doors on any rooms and/or closets that  will not be photographed, i.e. Any room or space that will be imaged must have the door open to it.   I am VERY OCD on this because a burned-out light bulb or otherwise poorly prepared location is a poor reflection on my own work.  In Real Estate assignments, please do not solely rely on the Homeowner to properly prepare the property for the imaging; check it before I arrive as my pricing is based upon ready-to-shoot properties.

If you have any special features or image preferences that need to be highlighted in the photography, please let me know what they are, using the form below or email, whatever is easier for you.

If this is your first opportunity to work with me, please let me know how you want to receive your images.  The possibilities are email, secure Google Drive Link, Dropbox, Hightail or the property web site if I've provided that.  I can also load them on a USB drive if I have enough notice to purchase one on your behalf and then mail you the USB drive.  If you prefer that the images are named or numbered in a certain way, let me know what your preferences are.  If you require multiple sizes of files, let me know what your requirements are.  Otherwise I provide files that are usually between 700K and 6 MB each and are suitable for print, web site posting and MLS.

In Connecticut, I am able to directly post still images and video to your listing if you so authorize. I do not need to know your user name or password in order to do this.  I work through my liaison at SmartMLS.


No booking is considered confirmed or date and time "held" until payment is made.

Special Note regarding Interior Photography:  My prices are based on imaged square feet, not taxed square feet or any other kind of square feet.  If I am requested to image an area, that footage is included in the square feet that you provided to me,  that you paid-for, and was considered for my next appointment that day.

Lastly, please make sure that the work environmental temperature is at a reasonably comfortable setting. Use the button below to download our pre-shoot checklist.  The document is in Adobe PDF format.

Use the form below to let me know about file size and naming requirements, delivery preferences and special features to be emphasized in images.
What special emphasis should there be?

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