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360 degree Panoramic Photographs that you can move around as if you were there.

Try it out for yourself with a mouse or your finger on a SmartPhone or Tablet

This is an interactive 3D 360 panorama.  If you do nothing, it will run by itself, but please interact with it.  It's important that you  see the "before" and "after".  Click on  the little floor plan icon in the lower right corner to see the floor plan.  It toggles on and off when you click it.  Click and drag around the image of the property to see up, down, around, back and so on.  When/if you see a small white circle floating around, click that to "go there".  After you look at "before", change it to "after" in the pull-down in the center top,  and have another look.  Let me know what you think.  You can give me your feedback below.

It's best viewed on a tablet or desktop/laptop computer.

It is virtual staging,  Can you tell?

my thanks to Massino Forchino for the model and space

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