Short high-quality HD video of walk through of home, designed as if one is walking through to get the flow of the rooms etc.  Includes licensed-music background and posting to the Zillow/Trulia website.  Benefit:  You get to the TOP RESULT of the Zillow Search and anyone that has been to the property on Zillow or Trulia gets an email from Zillow/Trulia that "there is now a new video on...."

Zillow Walk-Through Video

  • Please provide address and square footage of property.  Please ensure that interior is well prepped with all lights ON and NO burned-out lightbulbs.  Please don't try to do this at the last minute before I arrive.

Brookfield Photographer

Experienced FAA registered aerial drone photographer,
Wedding Photographer, Real Estate Photographer,
Special Events Photographer, Search and Rescue,

Matterport Service Provider for Matterport Interactive Virtual Tours
360 Panorama photography.  Matterport Service Partner

Brookfield Photographer

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experienced aerial photographer of real estate, properties, high-end wedding photographer, special event photographer, search and rescue and other events,

thermal imaging for security, industrial & law enforcement using drones.   We are an Authorized Matterport Virtual Tour Service Provider and Matterport Service Partner

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FAA registered and insured.

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I've been selected, as a Matterport Service Partner and a Google Guide, to have my 3D Matterport Interactive Virtual Tours INTEGRATED into Google Street View