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Virtual Reality ushers in a new dimension - literally

A review of the Vuze XR System for 360 interactive panorama and 180 degree, 5.7K VR

Small and 5K? Yep. The Vuze XR has two 180 degree lenses that when "folded into the "camera", front and rear, produce 360 panorama stills, video and live feeds. Press a button and they "pop-out" like two human eyes giving you 180 3D VR at 5K. I am a professional photographer in Connecticut that presently used SONY A7 series, Matterport Pro2 System and various DJI drones in my trade, mostly on real estate. I wanted to kick-it-up to the net level with 3D 5.7K VR. The Vuze XR was a natural choice. The EASY part is taking an image, video or looking at it "live". The Vuze can edit (on itself) in 4K but not 5.7K which has to be done on a computer. That's the hard part.soon I'm a 1st time VR-er. This is my first VR "camera". Humaneyes Technology LTD, the Israel-based company behind this product has an app called VuzeVRStudio. It's not ready for prime time YET. Nor are there tutorials on how to USE the "studio" YET. Coming soon , I hope.

I searched YouTube and there were plenty of "Unboxing" videos and simple, basic reviews but nothing in depth for what you do after you take the shot.

Their tech support ("Trevor") is awesome and very responsive. Trevor send me some "this is how you do it" emails and assured me that some video tutorials were on the way soon. Don't forget that I mentioned that you can do basic editing and publish to social media directly to the device, connected to a computer or phone. I'll try that tomorrow.

Meantime, this is outstanding technology, reasonably priced and with unique features that I had to have.

The non-removable battery charges by a USB port. The XR comes with a high quality USB cable. The on-board Lithium Ion battery lasts about an hour and recharges in about 3 to 4 hours. I have several "battery banks", my favorite is the Feelle 25,000 mAh battery bank, about the size of a cellphone and with 4 solar panels built-in. The Vuze can charge and shoot at the same time, so it's easy to have the Feelle in your pocket with a USB cable attached from it to the Vuze XR for extended shooting times.

Humaneyes also makes higher-end, 8 lens, 360 VR models.

I will update this review as I find out how to professionally edit and publish the output (from my iMac desktop),

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