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SmartMLS approved me to add your images

Great news! I have become an authorized photographer in SmartMLS’s Photographer Network. This means I am able to log into the Matrix system with my own login credentials and upload photos and virtual tours on your behalf (should you authorize me to do so).  

If you add me as your authorized photographer, (my SmartMLS is 844376) I can streamline the process of taking the photos/virtual tours of your listings and uploading the images/videos directly to your listing for you. I am aware of the photo specifications and guidelines for uploading virtual tours to Matrix, so you will never have to worry about managing these processes yourself. If any upload issues arise, I can work directly with MLS support staff to get it sorted out. You can leave all of the media upload to me! 

Access to your listings is granted on an individual basis, so I will only be able to manage the photos or virtual tours on those listings where you have added me. I will not have access to any other parts of the MLS system, nor can I edit any listings where I have not been specifically added by you.  

I hope you will consider working with me on any of your current or future listings.

This is an obvious way to save your valuable time.

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